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Energy Systems and Services (ESS)

It’s a simple philosophy, listen to the client, understand the client’s business, provide the technical expertise and innovation needed to build a lasting partnership. ESS is an innovative company offering a comprehensive suite of specialised professional, engineering & project services.

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Mission & Values

Deliver the technical expertise and innovation needed to build lasting partnerships, providing client focused and tailored solutions to enhance the performance of power distribution systems through continuous commissioning using our series of condition auditing, site rectifications and monitoring techniques. Efficiently and consistently deliver projects of the highest integrity and technical excellence.


Internationally encourage the rational use of energy to assist our clients achieve their
sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility goals through energy and power quality management.

Our partner centric, collaborative approach to everything we do drives innovative processes and systems. This coupled with technology, allows us to provide overall clarity in both energy efficiency, project delivery & asset integrity.

This will enable us to adapt to future national energy efficiency needs in order to continue developing innovative solutions with customers and suppliers.


It’s a simple philosophy, listen to the clients and understand them business maintaining.
Trust & Respect (Respect the team and clients)


Doing the right thing even when no one else is around.
Innovation – Drive new ideas and think out of the box (new
ways of doing what we do)


Work together sharing knowledge to achieve a defined and common business purpose.(encourage each other to innovate and deliver collectively)
Discipline (stick to the program, know your role, don’t take shortcuts)
Safety (of our workers and projects we deliver)
Excellence (outstanding qualio y)
Accountability (accept responsibility with integrity)
Determination (always question what we do not understand, do our best)
Commitment – Encourage each other to innovate and deliver collectively


The best people and service providers (the team)
Highest possible Reputation (what will we be remembered for)
Always consider the Environment (safety, sustainability)

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