ESS is committed

To delivering to clients specialised services, intelligent solutions and logical approaches to effectively assist in the areas of:

  • Electrical asset modernisation through upgrade & retrofit.
  • Electrical power system reliability through monitoring & maintenance.
  • Demand management through the rational use of energy.
  • Electricity cost reduction through power factor correction.
  • Electrical contracting and general electrical maintenance.
  • Supply system integrity through power quality management.
  • Power system safety through lightning & surge protection equipment.
  • Electrical safety through earth leakage detection & supply isolation systems.
  • Building documentation integrity through asset condition auditing, electrical system testing, electrical reticulation investigation, confirmation & drawing.
ESS is unbiased in the selection of components and systems adding flexibility and ensure a design, program, procedure or system is ‘fit for purpose’ while also cost effective, with minimal disruption to the client or facility’s operations.