Solar for Business


They provide a client-centric approach to developing a bespoke solar panel (PV) system using only the highest quality products and services. All solar PV products required in the process are carefully sourced. ESS also offers comprehensive services including energy management and maintenance to ensure your commercial solar project stays on track.

You wouldn’t think twice about switching to a cheaper more reliable electricity supplier, and solar power is exactly that.

With an efficient solar power system in place you can save on power bills by up to 75% straight away and keep saving year-on-year. These savings reduce your operating costs immediately. Because the costs are fixed unlike volatile energy prices this makes it easier to budget more effectively.

Once you have the system in place, you now have a built in power saving infrastructure. This instantly increases the capital asset value of your business to your advantage.

Solar power systems also provide a clear competitive advantage. You not only cut immediate costs and remove uncertainty from future expenses, you also are now a very clearly visible green company. Reducing your carbon footprint and showing customers you are an environmentally responsible business will make you stand out in your market.

To start saving on your power, increase the value of your business and stand out as a leader in your industry call ESS to arrange a consultation.


ESS only uses tier-1, the highest quality, cutting edge panels on the market. This ensures the highest performance and the maximum amount of energy is obtained from the sun with the best dollar to watt ratio available.

Only the top 2% of manufacturers produce tier-1 panels. These are established companies with more than 5-years’ experience producing panels with expertise you can trust. They control the entire process from research and development through to manufacture and provide solid guarantees and warranties.


Inverters are required to convert the energy from the panels to useable power. The better the technology the more energy you get from your panels. ESS only uses the most advanced inverters to conserve as much electricity as possible.

There are different types of inverters. Micro-inverters are the most advanced and will go on each panel to provide the best conversion of power. String inverters take from the entire array and are cheaper. ESS can advise which type will be best for your project.

As well as being efficient, all the inverters ESS provides are tough with robust design and engineering to be able to withstand our harsh Australian conditions. They meet the top international standards for manufacture and testing.


New storage options from ESS give you the flexibility to use more of your solar power when you need it by providing better load management. ESS only use the best batteries from reputable manufacturers to suit the requirements of your system.

Batteries save excess power that you don’t consume from high production periods and let you use it in lower production periods. This can protect against supply problems such as power outages and weather related, low power generation. It also allows continuous power use day and night if required and more use of free solar power instead of costly fossil fuel generated, grid electricity.


Monitoring of complex systems in real time has never been easier. Wi-Fi and the use of apps mean you know what your system is doing at all times 24-hours a day. Monitoring can also provide production and usage data to determine the most appropriate battery storage to put in place.

You can track changes both over time and as they happen. If anything goes wrong you know immediately and can fix it right away. You can also keep on top of your energy production over time and maximise your savings.


To ensure your system keeps providing you savings it needs to be kept running well. Dirty or dusty panels can reduce efficiency by 70% and lose you money. ESS maintenance services use experienced and certified engineers to clean and check your system to keep it at maximum productivity with minimum downtime.


Although solar power systems are often seen as expensive, implementing them is also far less pricey than you might think. Government grants and loans can be applied to the initial investment costs making significant reductions, and specialised loan providers ensure the day-to-day costs are minimal. With lowered operating costs, government incentives, and taxation depreciation of capital investment, your system can be paid off as quickly as 3-5 years.

Solar systems are a big upfront capital cost even when they can save thousands every year and in some cases even make money. To make it easy for your organisation to take advantage of this as soon as possible ESS can provide several finance options.

  • Help and advice with government grants and loans. These are currently up to $80,000 for commercial businesses.
  • ESS financial partners offer specialised Solar Loan services to minimise ongoing costs and pay off your system quickly.
  • Your payments are often cheaper than your previous power bills.
  • ESS makes sure your options fit your energy needs and financial requirements.
  • Taking electricity price rises into account, even with the costs associated with financing a solar power system, you come out better off.